H3 World TV releases "Travel with Dawn: Turkey" TV series

DEAF411 Announcements

30 Oct 2015

H3 World TV spokesperson Anselmo DeSousa announces launch of new Travel series featuring Dawn Jani Turkey on the country of Turkey. Twenty two episodes will be shown on at Announcement:

Hearing Australian Politican Uses Signs

Deaf Friendly

20 Oct 2015

Julie Owens, member of parliament (MP) for Paramatta, NSW, Australia uses Auslan during session in Parliament. "Thank you Kate from the Deaf Society NEWS for helping me sign today's statement in Parliament. Congratulations to the deaf community in this National Week for Deaf...

Small Business Revolution: Mozzeria!

DEAF411 Announcements

05 Aug 2015

To celebrate American check printing company Deluxe's 100th annivesrary, 100 businesses across the U.S. were selected. Of these 100, video documentary was done on 10 including Mozzeria. View Mozzeria video -

Production of second "DeafWaves" season

DEAF411 Announcements

04 Aug 2015

H3 Network Media Alliance is in productino of another 14 episodes of "DeafWaves," an entertainment variety internet TV show on H3 World TV. The second seasion will include CookSign, Deaf Trivia, Deafbeat entertainment reports and guest interviews. View DeafWaves - Season 1  

Uber To Make Changes to its App for Deaf Drivers

Deaf Friendly

28 May 2015

Uber is making changes to its driver-side app to provide better functionality for deaf and hard of hearing driver partners.For years now, Uber’s driver-side app has used audio alerts to notify the driver when a passenger is waiting to be picked up. This put Uber’s...

RIT/NTID Alumna Brandi Rarus Presentation and Book Signing

DEAF411 Announcements

27 Feb 2015

RIT/NTID alumna Brandi Rarus will give a presentation and book signing from 7-9 p.m. Thurs., March 12 in the CSD-Student Development Center, rooms 1300/1310. Rarus is an author and a former Miss Deaf America. She is married Tim Rarus, an advocate for deaf people whose work...

Australia Political Party Makes Major Blunder

Deaf Friendly

15 Feb 2015

In February 2015, the Australian Labour Party committed a major faux pas (or political suicide?!): they distributed a campaign poster that:1) showed fingerspelling in American Sign Language instead of Auslan;2) fingerspelled word "voice" - considered in itself distasteful and...

Businesses welcome deaf as university turns 150

Deaf Friendly

12 Jul 2014

View video WASHINGTON — When Steve Walker was a student at Gallaudet University in the 1980s, he says, the school for the deaf and hard of hearing was a very different place than it is today.When Walker studied at Gallaudet, students were advised not to venture outside the...

BlackBerry accessibility solutions enrich communication for those who are deaf

Deaf Living Solutions

29 Jun 2014

TDI shares how BlackBerry accessibility solutions enrich communication for those who are deaf or hard of hearingTDI has a discerning perspective on what makes a wireless device accessible. One of the technologies they promote to their members is the BlackBerry® solution.

DeafWaves Added to Programming Lineup

DEAF411 Announcements

20 Jun 2014

“DeafWaves,” a new entertainment show, centered on Deaf Culture and presented in International Sign with subtitles, launches Saturday, June 7th at This internet show is a production of H3 Network Media Alliance. All episodes of this original production...

Ferries add video screens to help hearing-impaired passengers

Deaf Living Solutions

20 Jun 2014

On Friday, the state ferry system kicked off what it calls a "visual paging project:" The installation of video screens on two ferries and at two ferry terminals will provide hearing-impaired passengers with information they would not otherwise get through public-address...

Mozzeria After Hours

DEAF411 Announcements

30 May 2014

Video shows Mozzeria where pizzas are made fresh from stratch in our wood-burning oven daily. Try out dishes including the Mozzeria Bar! Small plates, house-made pasta and desserts. A dining experience, unlike any other.... the Mozzeria staff looks forward to having you dine...

Apple - iPad - Exploring a world without limits

Deaf Friendly

30 May 2014

Video campaign by Apple, Inc. about deaf woman in Idaho traveling around world "without limits." Example of a corporation including the Deaf market while promoting its products. View full video

H3 Sports to provide daily video coverage of Deaflympics starting July 23

DEAF411 Announcements

17 Jul 2013

TORONTO, CANADA | MENDHAM, NJ – 15 July 2013 - H3 Network Media Alliance, an Internet media broadcasting network, announced today they will be providing day-to-day video coverage of the Deaflympics 2013 Summer Games in Sofia, Bulgaria. The 22nd Deaflympics Summer Games...

Deaf Living Solutions

Deaf Living Solutions

13 Jul 2013

Deaf411 produced these two videos with helpful information: Make Videophone Calls like a Champ! 15 Sep 2009 Play video   Visual Alerts Address Everyday Sounds 01 Jun 2009Play video  

Deaf Living Solutions

Deaf Living Solutions

13 Jul 2013

Deaf411 produced these two videos with helpful information: Make Videophone Calls like a Champ! 15 Sep 2009 Play video   Visual Alerts Address Everyday Sounds 01 Jun 2009Play video  

JDCC News delivers news on Jewish Deaf leaders or activities

DEAF411 Announcements

09 Jan 2013

Jewish Deaf Community Center (JDCC), a national organization sends out a free monthly enewsletter digest of "JDCC News" stories that posted to its website during the month."Every month we bring to you news of interest and relevance to Jewish Deaf people everywhere. These could...

The Mozzeria staff shares their highlights

DEAF411 Announcements

18 Dec 2012

What do employees at Mozzeria have to say about working at the restaurant? Find out what keeps them working at Mozzeria! The restaurant, which celebrates its 1st anniversary on 9 December 2012, is located in the Mission district of San Francisco, CA. If you are in the Bay area,...

Mozzeria: Our Customers share their love!

DEAF411 Announcements

14 Dec 2012

Diners comment on menu offerings and what they like about Mozzeria, a deaf-owned and operated italian restaurant in the Mission district of San Francisco, CA which celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 9 December 2012. We invite you to dine at Mozzeria! Website:...

What a Ride: Mozzeria Turns 1 Year Old!

DEAF411 Announcements

11 Dec 2012

We celebrated a milestone last weekend: Mozzeria’s First Anniversary! Wow. So much has happened over the past year. I have definitely learned A LOT! The First Night We Opened... I look back to December 9, 2011. We didn’t know what to expect when we opened the doors...

A Message from the Steins

DEAF411 Announcements

11 Dec 2012

Melody and Russell Stein, co-owners talk about Mozzeria reaching it's 1st Anniversary ~ 9 December, 2012. Mozzeria is a deaf-owned and operated italian restaurant that serves diners in the Mission district of San Francisco. Website:  

H3 Bloopers 2012

DEAF411 Announcements

08 Dec 2012

Bloopers during video production of TV shows at H3 Network Media Alliance.

H3 Network Media Alliance Switches to International Sign Programming

DEAF411 Announcements

28 Nov 2012

TORONTO, CANADA – 29 November 2012 - H3 Network Media Alliance, an Internet media broadcasting network, has launched its inaugural programming lineup covering current affairs, cultural events, and educational content in International Sign for Deaf viewers around the...

Mozzeria Restaurant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

DEAF411 Announcements

20 Nov 2012

Owned and operated by Deaf people, this intimate restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district combines a personal, intimate ambience with sumptuous wood-fired pizzas, small plates and pasta.[San Francisco, California – 21 November 2012] In the beginning, people said it...

H3: Information Sharing

DEAF411 Announcements

19 Nov 2012

H3 NETWORK MEDIA ALLIANCE - In this "H3 Bridge" episode, Larry learns that a friend in Chicago just had a baby. He tried to share the news with his co-worker, Abby but she had no idea who he was talking about. Larry insists that with a Deaf cousin in Chicago, she should know...

Local Business in Spotlight: CONVO

DEAF411 Announcements

05 Nov 2012

MOZZERIA UPDATE: Mozzeria is owned and managed by Deaf people. Some people may already know this but the funny thing is they don’t always realize that when they call us, they have actually spoken to Deaf folks. When I greet guests at the entrance and ask if they had a...

In the News

DEAF411 Announcements

26 Oct 2012

Deaf411's Robert McConnell was interviewed for article on creating "Deaf-friendly" housing.

Bernard Bragg: Finland, Here I Come!

DEAF411 Announcements

03 Oct 2012

Bernard Bragg will be participating in 25th anniversary celebrations of Sign Language Theatre Totti in Helsinki, Finland next weekend.Theatre Totti, which has operated in Luxembourg and receives funding from the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, is organizing seminars...

Mozzeria: A New Deaf-Owned Restaurant in San Francisco

DEAF411 Blog

17 Jan 2012

When a 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara pizza oven was imported from Naples, Italy to San Francisco last September, it marked another big step for Melody and Russell Stein in starting up their pizzeria.This particular wood-burning oven now lives at Mozzeria, a modern Italian...

Jewish Deaf News Resources Now On the Internet

DEAF411 Announcements

09 Nov 2011

BURBANK, CA - (Deaf411) – Responding to changes in the Jewish Deaf community and trends as result of technology advancements and behavior, "JDCC News", a publication reporting on the Jewish Deaf community has become electronic. "Instead of waiting to receive a printed...

Bernard Bragg Rocks Fremont, CA Audience In "My World Stage"

DEAF411 Announcements

24 Oct 2011

FREMONT, CA – October 25, 2011 – The Klopping Theatre at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, CA was packed to capacity on September 23rd with nearly 400 people watching Bernard Bragg’s performance in “My World Stage.”In this one-man show,...

Celebrate Deaf Awareness... this week!

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19 Sep 2011

The last full week of September is “Deaf Awareness Week”. The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) first launched “International Day of the Deaf” in 1958 and it has continued every year, gradually becoming a week-long celebration. Finally in 2007, the...

When You May Need a Certified Deaf Interpreter

DEAF411 Blog

29 Jul 2011

You are in court accused of a crime. The interpreter is interpreting dialogue between the prosecutor and a witness. The dialogue is in words that you may not be familiar with. As an ASL user, you may not understand or follow what is being discussed.You just arrived at the...

Deaf Seniors Catch Up With Hearing Seniors?

DEAF411 Blog

27 Jul 2011

As deaf people approach retirement and become senior citizens, they face a new set of issues and challenges. With increased pride and self-esteem as deaf seniors, they are asserting their needs and legal rights.Like “baby boomers” – those who were born after...

Our Entertainment Options Keeps Evolving!

DEAF411 Blog

22 Jun 2011

With technology, we have moved into a whole new world that wasn’t there just 20 years ago. Today choosing from movies, theater and television can be overwhelming.In addition to television and movies, the Internet has opened the world to us. We use portable laptops, mobile...

Deaf411 eNewsletter: Shopping for a GPS?

DEAF411 Blog

24 May 2011

Using a GPS – global positioning system – instead of looking up on a hardcopy map is now widespread. This useful tool navigates your route from point A to point B enabling people to find their way around town, in another state, or even in another country.The military...

Deaf411 eNewsletter - Making Your Space "Deaf Friendly"

DEAF411 Blog

04 Apr 2011

'Deaf Space' has taken on a specialty as further research and knowledge has become available in recent years.The idea of 'Deaf Space' goes back over 100 years ago to Olof Hansen, one of the first deaf architects, who designed the Dawes House at Gallaudet University, deaf...

Videophones Now Utilize Latest in Technology

DEAF411 Blog

17 Mar 2011

The videophone is an essential appliance in a household where people use sign language. It has become part of our lifestyle allowing us to make “point to point” calls to other videophone users, and connect to any video relay service (VRS) where a communications...

Tax Time Is Coming Up... Are You Ready?

DEAF411 Blog

04 Feb 2011

It’s that time of the year when we collect documents and decide the best way to file your federal and state tax returns. As you pull together the information, think about what would be the best way to file your taxes. Should you find a deaf tax preparer to do it?Would it...

2010 was GREAT!

DEAF411 Blog

14 Dec 2010

For many of us, the videophone replaced TTYs. But it didn’t unleash us… until this year! Thanks to a number of breakthroughs, wireless mobile videophones are becoming a reality… Big time!The U.S. government tightened further the rights of deaf people by...

Looking for holiday gift ideas?

DEAF411 Blog

28 Nov 2010

With Thanksgiving behind us, are you prepared for the next holiday?What makes great “deaf gifts” for a deaf person or someone who uses sign language? Deaf411 scoped the marketplace for ideas and trends… and has come up with quite a few “deaf gift”...

Tis a Season of Holiday Giving...

DEAF411 Blog

15 Nov 2010

As we approach the holiday season, Deaf411 has browsed the marketplace and put together some gift ideas to help with your holiday shopping.Give something that is different and cool!* Café Press – 4,000 unique deaf gift ideas! READ BLOG

Deaf Films & Viral Videos That Caught Our Eye

DEAF411 Blog

14 Oct 2010

As U.S. President Barack Obama signs into law the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, access to the media will increase for deaf Americans. The Act requires television programming to be captioned on the Internet. This means in addition to watching regular...

Deaf Cruise That Caught Our Eye

DEAF411 Blog

14 Sep 2010

Where & When:Deaf Freedom Cruise 2010August 15-22, 2010 The second Deaf Freedom Cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was a success! Over 900 deaf cruisers from across the U.S. sailed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL)’s...

Products and Services That Caught Our Eye At DeafNation World Expo

DEAF411 Blog

14 Aug 2010

Where & When:DeafNation World ExpoJuly 18-23, 2010Las Vegas, NevadaDeafNation World Expo was the largest deaf gathering on earth. Event organizers say that over 23,000 patrons attended from across the U.S. and over 70 countries. Sorenson Communications and Purple...

Products and Services That Caught Our Eye at NAD

DEAF411 Blog

14 Jul 2010

Where & When:National Association of the Deaf50th Biennial ConferenceJuly 6-10, 2010Philadelphia, Pennsylvania There were about 58 exhibitors participating, a mixture of interpreting services, corporations, government agencies, education, and deaf service agencies. Video...

sComm announces beta testing of new and revolutionary cellular text communication technology

DEAF411 Announcements

09 Jul 2010

Live Mobile Text allows faster live dialogue with patented split-screenRaytown, Missouri - July 7, 2010 - sComm, developer and manufacturer of UbiDuo, the face-to-face communicator, announced the UbiVia, the next generation of cellular text communication on smartphones. Beta...

New Sidekick LX 2009 features is attractive to deaf consumers

DEAF411 Announcements

16 Nov 2009

Product Information:   [Enter Fuse Communications]   New activation and minimum 1- or 2-year agreement may be required. Additional restrictions apply. Taxes and fees not included. See Fuse Wireless website for complete details.

Enhance your Videophone Experience

DEAF411 Blog

14 Oct 2009

[DEAF411] If you are like me, we can’t live without the videophone – “deafinitely” a huge improvement over the TTY!  Setting up a videophone device – or webcam – for videophone communication is relatively easier to do nowadays as more...

Make Videophone Calls like a Champ!

Deaf Living Solutions

14 Sep 2009

NEW YORK CITY – 15 September 2009 – A new internet video report released by Deaf411 called “Make Videophone calls like a Champ” shares insights on preparing for a successful videophone conversation. It is the second report in the “Deaf Living...

What does Olathe, Boston, Seattle and Austin have in common?

DEAF411 Blog

14 Aug 2009

Online report is now availableAfter fifteen months of work, Deaf411 released, earlier this month, an online report "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S." listing 20 U.S. cities that are considered "Deaf-Friendly". This report includes grids listing 7 cities in each of 4 regions with...

Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S. Online Report Is Now Available

DEAF411 Blog

06 Aug 2009

[Deaf411] Are the cities we live in doing a good job for deaf people? Should we be satisfied with our lives, or can our lives be better? Should we speak out, fight discrimination and demand improvements?As deaf people, we try to get along with the hearing world. But does the...

Deaf411 releases "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S." report

Deaf Friendly

13 Jul 2009

Work on the "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S." project has been completed. After 15 months, Deaf411 is pleased to make this online Report to you available at no charge.We invite you to SIGN UP now ... and enjoy this free online Report!SIGN UP NOWDisclaimer:If you have any...

Visual Alerts, a must in fast-paced audio world!

DEAF411 Blog

02 Jun 2009

[DEAF411] We all live in a fast-paced audio world. Being deaf means we have to figure out, keep track and watch out for sounds that hearing people take for granted. Missing your friend’s phone call or a delivery that you are expecting, waiting for and really need for...

Visual Alerts Address Everyday Sounds

Deaf Living Solutions

31 May 2009

NEW YORK CITY - The first "Deaf Living Solutions" internet video report released by Deaf411 called “Living in an Audio World”  highlights creative ways of coping in a society that is dependent on audio sounds for anyone who have a hearing loss.“Many things...

Deaf411 Launches "Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S." Project

Deaf Friendly

30 Apr 2009

What does a city need to accommodate Deaf residents?NEW YORK CITY (Deaf411) – April 28, 2008 – Moving to a new town can be a stressful experience for anyone. Challenges are greater for people with hearing loss who seek businesses, restaurants, and social networks...

Getting a Wireless Device and a calling plan that meets the Deaf users

DEAF411 Blog

06 Jan 2009

[DEAF411] – Just as hearing people have many phone models, calling plans and options to choose from, deaf users also have many options when choosing wireless devices, also known as pagers, and calling plans that are deaf-friendly. Deaf users may qualify for a free wireless...

T-mobile unlimited data plan attractive to deaf users of wireless devices

DEAF411 Announcements

05 Jan 2009

NEW YORK CITY – Deaf consumers can choose from one of the unlimited data plans on any T-Mobile wireless device models that are available through Fuse Communications. An unlimited data plan is a key factor and is attractive to deaf consumers when it comes to selecting...

REVIEW: T-Mobile introduces "Sidekick 2008"

DEAF411 Blog

26 Aug 2008

[DEAF411] – The latest release of T-Mobile’s new Sidekick 2008 on July 28th as an “all-in-one” communication device with many upgraded features is enough to spark interest in the deaf community, most notably being able to record, playback, and send video...

New Sidekick 2008 features benefit Deaf Users

DEAF411 Announcements

24 Aug 2008

Product Information-     New activation and minimum 1- or 2-year agreement may be required. Additional restrictions apply. Taxes and fees not included. See Fuse Wireless website for complete details.

Make it Deaf-Friendly, or just go into "Deaf Cyberspace"?

DEAF411 Blog

21 Jul 2008

[Deaf411] Can we use the Internet as a solution to living in deaf-friendly environment?With the Internet becoming a common household “must-have” in homes, Americans spend about 15.3 hours per week online. More Americans now work at home and earn a living, thanks to...

"What should you consider when considering a new City?"

DEAF411 Blog

11 Jul 2008

[DEAF411] Researching and finding the right city to live is challenging and exciting at the same time! Collecting good information will help get a feeling if your life in the new city will be what you expect – and if the city can deliver on your expectations and needs.It...

"Does job availability influence whether Cities become Deaf-Friendly?"

DEAF411 Blog

26 Jun 2008

[DEAF411] Jobs have big influence on where people live.Searching for a job is neither easy nor fun. This task is even more stressful for a deaf person. Employers try to avoid hiring deaf people because their knowledge is limited and they prefer to avoid something that they are...

"Deaf-Friendly Recreation Places In America"

DEAF411 Blog

19 Jun 2008

[DEAF411] While collecting information for the “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” project, we came across Branson, Missouri.Branson, located south of Springfield, MO is a popular vacation spot in America known for magicians, comedy, variety, dinner shows and musical...

Large vs. Small City: How Does it impact the Deaf Population?

DEAF411 Blog

29 May 2008

[Deaf411] Living in a large city has benefits. With a larger population, there is more variety in places to see, areas to live, choices of restaurants, recreation, and people. Yet living in a small city has its own benefits – people taking the time to know and help each...

A Deaf Town, or Fully Deaf-Accessible Town?

DEAF411 Blog

15 May 2008

[Deaf411] As you walk down the street to the grocery store, you pass other deaf people. A deaf postman puts mail in a mailbox and waves to you as you walk by. He signs “Good morning” and you reply back the same. At the grocery store, you walk up to the meat...

Deaf and the City

DEAF411 Blog

01 May 2008

Deciding whether your city is deaf-friendly?[Deaf411] You have a date with your city, Rochester. All of your friends are busy and you are alone, so you decide to enjoy the evening yourself. You are about to experience a city and whether it is deaf-friendly.As you walk by a...


DEAF411 Blog

27 Apr 2008

Research shows that you will move an average of twelve times during your lifetime. Each move is a major commitment of time and money. How do you know if the new city you are moving to is ideal for your needs? What should you look for?Most people base their decision to move on...

Jewish Deaf Group Posts Calendar to Prevent Events from Conflicting With Holidays

DEAF411 Announcements

13 Nov 1996

(Deaf411, 11/14/96) - A Five-Year Jewish Holiday Calendar has been set up on a website to increase awareness among deaf organizations and agencies not to schedule events during major Jewish holidays.Jewish Deaf Community Center (JDCC) has updated the Jewish Holiday Calendar. In...