T-mobile unlimited data plan attractive to deaf users of wireless devices

T-mobile unlimited data plan attractive to deaf users of wireless devices

Date:  05 Jan 2009

NEW YORK CITY – Deaf consumers can choose from one of the unlimited data plans on any T-Mobile wireless device models that are available through Fuse Communications. An unlimited data plan is a key factor and is attractive to deaf consumers when it comes to selecting wireless devices for immediate access to communicating with their friends, families and co-workers anywhere and anyplace.

Wireless devices offer increased communication options and with the unlimited data plan, T-Mobile makes it easier for Deaf and hearing people to communicate with each other. The unlimited data plan includes unlimited personal email, unlimited web browsing, text and instant messaging. Deaf and hearing people can communicate easily with each other using text SMS, Instant Messaging and email or over the Internet Relay service. Today’s generation of wireless devices are like portable desk computers. It allows you to go away from their home or office and still make calls, or send and receive text messages.

These wireless devices include many features and are often considered a “personal assistant” where you can save notes, create task lists, keep an address book, look up map directions and set up alarm alert using vibration.

Fuse Communications, a T-Mobile authorized dealer, is currently offering rebates on several T-Mobile models. Getting a wireless device involves a simple process; choosing one of the T-Mobile models, and a monthly plan with a wireless service provider that fit your communication needs. A pager comparison chart listing information on T-Mobile models, specifications, features and T-Mobile unlimited data plans are available at www.fusewireless.com


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