Visual Alerts Address Everyday Sounds

Visual Alerts Address Everyday Sounds

Date:  31 May 2009

NEW YORK CITY - The first "Deaf Living Solutions" internet video report released by Deaf411 called “Living in an Audio World”  highlights creative ways of coping in a society that is dependent on audio sounds for anyone who have a hearing loss.

“Many things that people take for granted in today’s fast-paced audio world can present challenges,” says Robert Harris, deaf owner of Harris Communications who sponsored the “Living in an Audio World” report, “Not being able to hear the doorbell or telephone ring can be frustrating. Watching the front door all day for an expected visit or delivery would not be practical. The same goes with missing an important telephone call when it rings.”

With the latest technology available for approximately 28 million Americans who are deaf or have varying degrees of hearing loss and senior citizens, there are more options to communicate by using videophones, text telephones and captioned telephones.  How can someone, who can’t hear, or work in noisy environments, be alerted when the telephone is ringing? A Deaf411 announcer outlines various ways of alerting someone visually to the telephone or doorbell through use of visual alerting devices.

“Living in an Audio World” shares information on how you can set up your visual alerting device at home or work.  Consumers who purchase visual alerts often feel much more relaxed, less frustrated and are able to answer the doorbell or telephone ringing with ease.

The “Deaf Living Solutions” internet video series, presented in American Sign Language with open captions, is produced by Deaf411, a marketing and public relations company. In April 2008, Deaf411 launched the “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” website with a video and online survey. The final “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” report is expected later this year, and will be made available to interested consumers free of charge.
The “Living in an Audio World” video report, information about the Deaf Living Solutions series and Deaf411 is available at


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