Make Videophone Calls like a Champ!

Make Videophone Calls like a Champ!

Date:  14 Sep 2009

NEW YORK CITY – 15 September 2009 – A new internet video report released by Deaf411 called “Make Videophone calls like a Champ” shares insights on preparing for a successful videophone conversation. It is the second report in the “Deaf Living Solutions” series.

With high speed internet, a laptop with webcam, or a videophone device, videophone communication has become a highly desirable communication option for people who use sign language to communicate instead of the traditional text telephone.With an estimated 100,000 - 200,000  videophone units currently in use by sign language users and widespread availability of laptops with built-in webcams, videophones are used to communicate directly with other people in sign language, and to communicate with hearing people through the use of a video relay service where a video interpreter translates from sign to spoken language.

Communicating and seeing each other on video presents additional considerations that many people do not realize. For example, a videophone user sitting in front of a brightly sun-lit window can make it difficult for the other videophone user to see the person on video. A Deaf411 announcer, during the “Make Videophone calls like a Champ” report, outlines key areas that should be considered to maximize successful videophone conversations. This information is helpful for not only the first-time videophone user but for others who wish to improve the quality of videophone conversations.

“Make Videophone calls like a Champ” is produced by Deaf411, a marketing and public relations company and sponsored by LifeLinks, a video relay service provider based in New York City. The “Deaf Living Solutions” series reports on topics that deaf and hard of hearing people face in everyday living situations. “Things that hearing people take for granted may pose additional challenges for a consumer who is deaf or hard of hearing,” the Deaf411 representative explains.

The “Make Videophone calls like a Champ” video report, information about the Deaf Living Solutions series and Deaf411 is available at


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