"Deaf-Friendly Recreation Places In America"

"Deaf-Friendly Recreation Places In America"

Date:  19 Jun 2008

[DEAF411] While collecting information for the “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” project, we came across Branson, Missouri.

Branson, located south of Springfield, MO is a popular vacation spot in America known for magicians, comedy, variety, dinner shows and musical events i.e. rock ‘n’ roll, country, gospel, and performances targeted at families.

Branson claims they have more theater seats than Broadway in New York City! Branson also has mini-golf, museums, and family attractions of all kinds, making it a possible ideal family vacation spot. But can a deaf person or family visit and enjoy Branson when most of its offerings are musical attractions? If Branson draws 100,000 military veterans and families every year, why shouldn’t it draw deaf and hard of hearing visitors? That’s the question Randy Boude wants to answer.