Mozzeria Restaurant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Mozzeria Restaurant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Date:  20 Nov 2012

Owned and operated by Deaf people, this intimate restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district combines a personal, intimate ambience with sumptuous wood-fired pizzas, small plates and pasta.

[San Francisco, California – 21 November 2012]

In the beginning, people said it could not be done. People thought Melody & Russell Stein, co-founders of Mozzeria, would face insurmountable obstacles. After all, they are Deaf. But would it be possible for a restaurant that is owned and operated by Deaf people to provide diners with the ultimate dining experience? The Steins seeked to prove the doubters wrong, and succeeded.

Since its opening on December 9, 2011, more than 20,000 people have enjoyed a meal at Mozzeria. Having become a popular local dining spot, media exposure also attracted diners from across the Bay area, out of state and even abroad. Mozzeria's website lists an impressive media roster ranging from serious local foodie blogs to local mainstream and television, and even national publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.

At Mozzeria, diners feast on bubbly, chewy thin-crust pizzas that are wood-fired in a 5,000 pound Stefano Ferrara oven imported from Naples, which also functions as the restaurant's decorative centerpiece. Current Mozzeria pizzas include Margherita, Japanese Funghi, Ortolona, Goat Cheese, Pear & Brie, Pancetta, Italian Sausage, Lamb Curry, Roast Duck and Roasted Asparagus. Several pizzas rotate in and out of the menu, depending on seasonally-available ingredients.

One of over 150 comments on Yelp describes Mozzeria’s menu as "Yummy pizzas, creative appetizers, good wine selection.” The spotlight on the food also extends to other items on the Mozzeria menu including small plates - which make for a wonderful meal starter. Sharing several items with fellow diners is a fun way to appreciate items ranging from veal-pork meatballs, roasted peppers, and beet salad to gnocco fritti, the Mozzeria bar, la mia oca burrata, roast duck and crispy pork.

The pasta offerings include roasted squash ravioli, onion fettuccine, potato gnocchi and chili rigatoni. Again, Mozzeria's commitment to quality ingredients means a rotation of seasonal menu items. Another Yelper comments that “As good as Mozzeria's pizza was, and the margherita was very good with so much fresh cheese, basil, and sauce, the most memorable item for me was the burrata dish. It's made in-house, and I found myself scraping the small plate with a fork once the crostini was finished. Everything about the dish was so fresh and flavorful.”

The Mozzeria menu indicates meat-free small plates, pasta, and pizzas for vegetarians. The bar serves local wines and beers on tap. Both reservations and walk-ins are available although the owners highly recommend making a reservation to be assured of a table.

Mozzeria is located on 3228 - 16th Street between Guerrero and Dolores Street. BART: 16th St and Mission (SF area), Muni Light Rail: J Train (Bay area), Muni Bus: #22, Nearest parking garage: 16th & Hoff Streets. Website:

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