Jewish Deaf News Resources Now On the Internet

Jewish Deaf News Resources Now On the Internet

Date:  09 Nov 2011

BURBANK, CA - (Deaf411) – Responding to changes in the Jewish Deaf community and trends as result of technology advancements and behavior, "JDCC News", a publication reporting on the Jewish Deaf community has become electronic.

"Instead of waiting to receive a printed newsletter in the mail every other month, you can now go to our new JDCC News website at to get the information," says Sharon Ann Dror, president of the Jewish Deaf Community Center (JDCC) in Burbank, CA, "You can now check the website any time. News stories will be posted to the website as they occur."

The “JDCC News” is the organization’s primary means of communication and by providing information on its programs. "In addition to continuing news coverage, feature articles and reports on activities and gatherings on the website, we are excited to continue and even expand the popular "News from around the World" feature on the JDCC News website," Dror added.

First organized in 1992 as "Creative Services Group", an outreach group in Southern California, JDCC expanded its mission in August 1994 when it was renamed Jewish Deaf Community Center, a non-profit organization which now receives an overwhelming number of inquiries and requests nationwide. JDCC exists exclusively for educational, religious, and charitable purposes and does not charge any membership fees.

The new “JDCC News” website now allows people to sign up to receive recap of new features and announcements posted to the website on a regular basis. Interested individuals can also sign up to receive “JDCC News Alerts”. Valuable archival content is now available with search capability and access to all news reports going back to its first issue, back in September 1992.

JDCC promotes individual growth, social awareness, productivity and equality, by empowering deaf and hard of hearing persons to be full participants in the Jewish community at large. The JDCC Board of Directors is composed of persons who are Deaf and hard of hearing. JDCC relies on grants, subsidized program revenues and contributions to underwrite all its program activities.

Funding from the Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation, a long-time benefactor underwriting distribution of the original "JDCC News" publication, supported costs of developing and launching the new "JDCC News" website. For information, visit the Jewish Deaf Community Center website at

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