Jewish Deaf Group Posts Calendar to Prevent Events from Conflicting With Holidays

Jewish Deaf Group Posts Calendar to Prevent Events from Conflicting With Holidays

Date:  13 Nov 1996

(Deaf411, 11/14/96) - A Five-Year Jewish Holiday Calendar has been set up on a website to increase awareness among deaf organizations and agencies not to schedule events during major Jewish holidays.

Jewish Deaf Community Center (JDCC) has updated the Jewish Holiday Calendar. In November 1996, JDCC printed and mailed hundreds of magnetic calendars to leaders of organizations and agencies whose membership or clientele was primarily composed of deaf and hard of hearing constituents.

In a letter accompanying the calendar, JDCC suggests that to make things easier for you and to increase attendance at your events, please check with this Five-Year Jewish Holiday Calendar before you plan your events, i.e. tournaments, conferences, conventions, performances or shows.

“By scheduling your events not to conflict with Jewish holidays, Jewish Deaf consumers can participate in your events and do not have to choose between missing your event or celebrating a Jewish holiday at their Temple or with friends and families.”

The calendar has been updated and distributed three times since 1996. In responding to changes in the Jewish Deaf community and technology advancements, the updated Five-Year Jewish Holiday Calendar has been posted and is now viewed on the JDCC website at

Covering 2011 through 2015, the calendar is a printable PDF that can be posted on bulletin boards or even shared through social media including Facebook. Although there are many Jewish holidays during the year, JDCC says “the most important holidays we request you to avoid conflicting with are the following six holidays: Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Shemini Atzeret.”

JDCC promotes individual growth, social awareness, productivity and equality, by empowering deaf and hard of hearing persons to be full participants in the Jewish community at large. First organized in 1992, its major ongoing project has been the “JDCC News” website providing news coverage, feature articles and reports on activities and gatherings locally, nationally and abroad. Interested individuals can also sign up to get email recaps of stories posted to the website the past month. In addition to the Five-Year Jewish Holiday Calendar and JDCC News, the website also has archival content with search capability and access to news reports going back to its first issue, back in September 1992.

JDCC is a non-profit organization which now receives an overwhelming number of inquiries and requests nationwide. JDCC exists exclusively for educational, religious, and charitable purposes and does not charge any membership fees. For information, visit the Jewish Deaf Community Center website at

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